Helping Rescue Dogs

There are several ways to help rescue dogs that take very little time and effort.

  • You can serve as a contact for the shelter if a miniature Australian shepherd is brought in, through the members list is a great way to get the word out on dogs in need.
  • Volunteer with MARS to help with transports or evaluations of the Mini’s in shelters, who knows our breed better than the breeders and supporters?
  • Donate your used items in good shape, they can always use blankets, towels or collars. Another items shelters never have enough of are paper towels and metal food bowls.
  • If you are involved in a club, have a raffle or fun event to support MARS.
  • Also currently there is going to be a large on line raffle to support MARS, get crafty and get some great items out there to help these dogs!

Mini Aussie Rescue & Support

Marla McCormick, President