How to Simplify Your Registration with MASCA

The MASCA Board has met with our Registrar, Sandy Matthews, regarding timely returns of completed paperwork to our MASCA members. A list of commonly occurring errors was presented to us; these errors can and will slow down the registration process for YOUR dog or litter.

As a result, the MASCA Board would like to remind our members to make sure that applications are filled out completely and that all needed information is sent in together. Also, it is important to remember that all payments go directly to the MASCA Treasurer. Sandy does not handle any payments and is not privy to banking information.

We as a board want to provide you the customer with the most accurate, timely service possible. However, we need your help. You can help by sending in COMPLETE applications with all required information. It also helps to make a copy for your records, that way you have a copy of exactly what you sent


Please send all forms Via email or mail to the address listed below

Do not use the address listed on any of the forms

We are currently working on updating all this information.

As of Jan 22, 2018.  

Sandra Mathews

MASCA Registrar
PO Box 6189
Colorado Springs, CO

Thank you for being a part of MASCA,

MASCA Board of Directors

MASCA Rules, Forms & Fees